3D Scanning

Whether you are wanting to create full color 3D scan for 3D printing, or a high accuracy scan of a complex turbine blade for an end of life wear inspection, NextGen Metrology has the equipment and know how to be your one-stop shop for any of your 3D scanning needs.

3D scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive method of capturing an accurate three dimensional (X, Y, Z) digital copy of a physical object’s surface.  Each scan produces millions of points to create a “point cloud” of data. Multiple scans are captured, then aligned using software to create a 360-degree point cloud of the object.  From there, a polygon surface can then be created from the points to create a “meshed surface.” 3D scanners excel at capturing free-form shapes quickly and accurately.

A quality scan is the foundation for many of the services we offer.  Whether it be reverse engineering, a first article inspection (FAI), or a replica 3D print, the final product depends heavily on the quality of the scan initially produced.

Unlike many companies that just operate scanners, our operators understand the demands of the CAD modeling and inspection processes.  We know when it is imperative to have a “watertight” model that is had smoothing and hole filling applied, or when it is important to preserve the high-resolution raw data for reverse engineering or inspections.